Talk with users to extract their impression


Ask your users some probing questions to identify and meet their needs

A website survey is a set of specific questions that are directly asked of users to get their ideas about your website.
You may gather the information you need from users' responses and address your concerns about your site's content, design, usability, efficiency, and more by using surveys.
As a consequence, you will be able to provide a better than expected user experience, optimize the user interface, and reduce the bounce rate.

Gathering users' information through surveys helps to show that you are interested in finding out:

• Why do users visit your site?
• How do users find your site?
• Do users find on site what they were looking for?
• What is missing from the pages?
• Is the content readable?
• How much do users like the new design of the website?
• What are they satisfied or unsatisfied with?
• How easy was it for them to access what they wanted?
• Why does a page have a high exit rate or a low conversion rate?


Ask and answer

You can ask users as many questions as you want and determine their order before showing them to users.
If you are confused about what to ask, you may use our question bank that has a lot of pre-determined questions on different topics.
Surveys help you get more detailed answers than a simple Yes/No.
We have several ways to get users' answers, using:
• short or long text for single-line or open-ended questions
• checkbox for selecting more than one response
• radio buttons for choosing just one response
• different rating scales
• Net Promoter Score to measure how likely they are to recommend your site to others

Customize options

• You can adjust many elements and reorganize parts as you like, such as:
Appearance: Adjust the color of the box and buttons, as well as the font of the text color.
Targeting: Choose the devices, pages, and dates you want the survey widget survey to be shown on.
Position: You can choose how the survey will be displayed for users. You can keep users on your site and show the survey to them as a pop-up or a full-screen page. Also, you may want to refer them to an external link

Trigger surveys

The most important thing to remember about surveys is to ask questions at the opportune moment and right place. You can show surveys to users:
• immediately after the page loaded
• after a specific time that visitor spends on your site
• when a user scrolls halfway down the page
• as the user wants to exit the site