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Eyenaz Website Statistics show where your traffic is coming from and how well it performs. You can use Eyenaz Session Recordings, Website Heatmaps and Conversion Funnels to watch every action your visitors do and Keep track of all their activities. Understand your visitors' ideas and feelings about your website by using Eyenaz Feedback, Surveys and Polls.

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- Features -

Web analytics

Provide statistics on website’s metrics like page views, session views, new visits, and return visitors Learn about users’ interests, how long visitors spend on each page, and where they land on and leave the website

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Track each user action (Clicks, taps, Scrolls, and Mouse movements) Find the most and the least popular sections on your web page Identify average fold & false bottom to determine the ideal position for crucial CTAs

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Session Recording

Have strong empathy with users by recording actual session playback Discover the bugs that irritate users by Capturing 100% of session establish whether a new design is appealing to users soon after release

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Conversion Funnels

Map out the most effective journey path for turning visitors into clients Uncover where users are abandoning website the most Be alert to any anomalies in your funnel journey right away

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A/B testing

Evaluate different layouts to determine which one actually is the most effective and profitable Evaluate visitor reaction on your site before making significant decisions to increase your chances of success

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Feedback Survey

Make some inquiries to learn more about your users' opinions Help to build up a library of novel ideas Obtain a trustworthy reason from users who are dropping off the website

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- What the flyers say about us? -

Alfredo Donin

Eyenaz session recording is being able to record a session from where the users enter the website till they leave it. Our UX designers use Eyenaz recording just after creating a new page or making a change. We are usually aware of bugs and issues with this powerful tool.

Makenna Korsgaard

It was a great experience to work with Eyenaz. We deployed the funnel on our website and found where visitors leave the site most. The session tape was seen by our designers, and heatmaps were also examined. We could see certain issues with our design.

Alfredo Donin

As a manager of a tourism guide & tour booking site, I really needed to know what users were looking for on the site. Eyenaz provided us with a complete package of web analytics tools. Heatmaps, funnels, recording, A/B testing, and surveys are all in one package.