How Does Tracking Different Marketing Strategies Provide Insights into User Behavior?

Track users who come from specific channels to understand what they need to better meet them.

You can use many marketing strategies to draw users to your website, including email marketing, social media, SEO tactics, advertising, and branding. By analyzing the traffic coming from each one, you can receive a breakdown of the preferences and interests of your users.

How much traffic is already being drawn by various digital marketing strategies?

Traffic coming from seeing ads and campaigns Let's say, you want to know what percentage of the people who visit your website are from Arab countries, which appear to convert more effectively. You might wish to check the percentage of those who have seen your advertisements before converting. Then, you can modify your ads to appear only to people with corresponding local IP addresses, attracting more people who may respond positively to your campaigns.

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Traffic coming from your Email marketing

The same is true of the recipients of your marketing emails. You can keep tabs on those who click on your direct email links. Step it up a step and consider individuals that initiate communication with you by responding to your emails. Simply get along with them and utilize the opportunity to monitor their activity because they are very likely to become your exclusive users. They take your products or services more seriously. By submitting to your monthly journals, subscribing to your web channel, or making a purchase from you, they are therefore more likely to convert. On your website, you can keep an eye on them. By monitoring each stage of your website visitors' journey from the moment they first arrive on your sites until they convert or leave, you can determine when and where to make changes to increase conversion.

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Tracking the traffic coming from social media

Monitoring social media traffic may help you identify influencers whose followers share your attitude, which would improve your conversion rate. You can sponsor those influencers and give them free advice in exchange for your sponsorship.

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Traffic that comes from search engines

Traffic may be segmented using traffic tracking, and if more than 50% of your traffic comes from search engines, you can continue to rely on your SEO methods. If not, you should consider your users' wants and how to make your website more welcoming to them. Such information is necessary so that your marketing campaigns can be better tailored to your highest-converting users.

Improve your keyword and ad word selection to provide more appealing content.

Tracking the traffic coming from branding

When your brand appears in search results, it has vital importance for you. Those coming to your website after searching for your brand should be introduced to you. Your marketing strategy should account for the various expectations that customers may have of your brand. Always keep up with what's popular among the brands in your industry.

Research customer feedback on the newest items and work to improve your brand.
Create a comment section on your website and analyze comments

Building a comment box underneath any product and giving your visitors, including those coming via organic searches, the ability to submit their ideas there with a badge that reads "Coming Organically". This is one simple approach to tracing your brand through the web. From that point on, start measuring your SOV and SOI only in those pages. Be open to the feedback, and responsive if possible.

Make sure to answer comments and refer to forums in which your brand is being discussed.

Analyze global comments on your brand and invite their holders

Additionally, you can independently request premium monitoring tools. You can compute these two and determine your SOV proportion using a variety of internet applications, such as Eyenaz, Symanto, Social-searcher, and Talkwalker. They can quickly provide you with information about your audience, hashtags, your company's share of voice, the volume of mentions made by competitor companies, and the overall sentiment of each brand using AI technology. Eyenaz gives you a thorough understanding of the web for your brand name by tracking traffic as well as their SOV and SOI. You can make social listening alerts for both your brand and those of your rivals at any time, then compare them. In this manner, you may come to understand how your brand functions and whether any sentiments emerge as client pain points regarding your brand. Eyenaz tracking also provides for another fantastic result. You can sign up for a membership to identify people who are mentioning you on various forums and display a pop-up inviting them to your website for everyone in the room. Once in a while, these pop-up windows may display on those pages. In this method, you can encourage users to your website whenever they complement your brand on the internet. The data can be sliced and diced based on particular subjects, platforms, markets, and languages.

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Track different user segments

You can identify visitors originating from various web providers or different types of devices by monitoring the traffic to your website. You might also discover that users typically buy your products while they are utilizing data rather than Wi-Fi, or vice versa. This provides you with suggestions on how to develop your marketing plans, such as how to gamify your Wi-Fi website experience or provide digital coupons over Wi-Fi. Additionally, you may see which sites have been viewed more than once by which user group.

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Follow your users, don't lose them in the traffic

Users move in and out. The winning piece of content is one that captures their interest. Therefore, never feel assured that you know everything about your users. When you consider that each of them is just the beginning of a healthy million others, they should all mean something to you!