Session Recording

Have you ever been curious about what your website visitors do while browsing your website? Do you wish to watch the real purchase process by your own eyes?
Here, the Session Recording Tool helps you gain detailed information about user behavior, monitor their actions to find where they get confused, at which point they’re having trouble and how they interact with elements on your pages, and consequently navigate to the path you expect. Session recording tools can help you meet your users' demands rather than speculating on what they might be.

How would session recordings help to track users' actions and enhance their engagement?

Eyenaz session recording offers you to see:
  • Records of all users' mouse movements, scrolling, and clicks
  • Page's problems on various browsers and different devices
  • Where the users got confused and what frustrated them
  • How visitors interact with buttons, clickable elements and CTAs, or fail to do
  • Abnormal mouse activity, such as rough scrolling or rage clicking
  • If there is an action taking too long to perform

Use session recording tools to:

- Identify areas for optimization
Session recordings can give real insights into how users interact with your website, from the beginning to where they click and to where they stuck.
This data can help to pinpoint the areas that need changing or to implement a number of changes at once in a wholly different design to better contribute to the legibility and readability of your website.

- Recognize UX problems and opportunities for functional improvement at once
Easy data visualization by session recording tool helps you crack the user behaviors' codes in a snap. It provides data about what causes friction for users on various pages throughout your website without having to ask them—and ultimately show where improvements need to be made so users can find what they're looking for faster or easier than before.

- Understand user behavior better by the team
This is especially useful when multiple groups, such as marketing, engineering, and design, are involved in the project's success. It allows all team members to take a step back from their work and see how it looks from another perspective.

What is a website session recording, and how does it work?

Website session recording is a web analytical tools that records full session of users visiting your website, providing details of how users behave with your page elements.
Session recordings, often known as session replays or user recordings give you the chance to comprehend a user's full experience on your site, including all of their clicks, taps, scrolling, mouse movements, and other actions.
Session replays also reveal whether there is a problem with how something works on a website or if something is confusing, which helps you figure out where you need to focus your energy to implement changes based on what you observe during Eyenaz recordings.
You may need to find points of friction users encounter while browsing your website and session recording can help the designer fix UX/UI issues for higher conversions.

Why Google Analytics is not enough?

Businesses use different tools that you can apply to your website. One of the most popular ways to control site performance is Google Analytics (GA), but there are some limitations and problems with web analytics that you should understand.

⦁ Large learning curve
Because of the amount of customization and depth GA provides, you should go a long way. While you can connect to it and start enjoying the benefits of analytics right now, it takes time to learn how to use it properly. Data itself becomes a language that must be learned, and each statistic must be researched and optimized.

⦁ Accuracy
Google can't trace everything that happens on a website for a variety of reasons; therefore, any statistics displayed in reports should be regarded as estimates. Also, you can't understand why users take those actions.

⦁ Missing information
Google Analytics tracks your traffic using a JavaScript tag and collects user data with cookies. Many people may unsubscribe from Google Analytics; they may block cookies and/or disable JavaScript. So their activities are not tracked, resulting in underreporting.

Let’s focus on using Eyenaz behavior analytic tools such as Session recording.
Session recording let you observe everything users do on your website to track them easily. It helps you answer questions about the behavior and needs of your users that GA alone can’t ever answer for you.
You can watch playbacks of actual people using your website without a missing. It's like being in the same page as your users. It has an amazing learning rate and a short learning curve. This makes it very quick to adapt to a website.

2 Ways session recording tool help to increase user engagement

1. Trace users' actions with watching visual recordings

A session recording tool displays the path taken by your visitors. Understanding a visitor's journey, which begins with an issue they are attempting to resolve, would help marketers discover opportunities and assess the product's attractiveness. Website session recordings can tell you which pages users have viewed, what they have downloaded, and when they have quit your site. You can utilize this information to segment your audience and create content specifically for each section. Also, you can zoom in on how visitors engage with each element on your website. You would monitor where users focus, what they click on, which areas they spend the most time on, and other information. By referring to recordings, you can stop making guesses and start using actual evidence to alter things for the better.

2. Gain a deeper understanding of customer experience to figure out why people leave the website

Go beyond clicks and metrics with session recordings into every user action to see points of frustration. Without depending on user reports, session recording assists you in detecting website problems or errors and distracting elements. One of the quickest methods to enhance your website is to watch session replays when problems and bugs occur. It is possible to identify areas where users become irritated or trapped. Are users confused by your UI? Are they searching for information that is lacking? Are they just wandering around? A close inspection of session recordings may reveal your visitors' most frequent exit point and the reason for their departure at that specific time. Users may leave your website without making a purchase for a variety of reasons, as stated here:

• Technical errors
A user may confront errors on buttons and clickable parts, see broken elements, or sometimes loading a page takes a long time.
Session recordings help speeding up the process of identifying and fixing faults on your website, as well as software glitches and coding errors.

• Informational errors
Sometimes there are problems with content that cause users' misunderstandings, such as unreadable scripts, unclear instructions, or exact-copy texts.
By observing recordings, you would eliminate misleading items that prevent visitors from moving forward and encourage them to stick to the path. 

• Distracting elements
To discover strategies for keeping visitors on the website, start reviewing session replays from individuals who left your website without converting. If something goes wrong, session replay might simplify the solution by highlighting the issue.

For instance, by watching multiple session recordings that failed to convert, you may realize that you have put loads of information on your product page which are unnecessary. This has made users distracted, causes hold users' attention on that elements, not find what they are searching for, and finally, they quit the surfing of the website. You can focus on the customer experience after you have this information.